Store and Service

PPS can arrange high security storage in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan Switzerland, London and New York where clients can deposit their precious metal stocks in completely separated custody(allocated), insured by world reliable insurance companies. The storage facility is not associated with the banking system and is accessible at any time.


In some countries, gold is not subject to value-added-tax but white metals do.  In such situation, PPS can arrange to store the white metals at duty-free-security storage facility.


l  Storage rate and shipping rate

Storage rate and shipping rate will be quoted with full liability insurance coverage inclusively. Please let us know your storage and shipping details and we will provide details quotations.


Gold Regular Investment

Saving can be achieved by accumulations; clients can purchase precious metals in small amount and stored with PPS at regular time intervals. Clients can take delivery or sell their holdings for cash according to their financial needs. Clients’ holdings will be stored in segregate account with independent security storage facilities. Clients can check on their holdings by the online reporting system of the storage company with all the details (serial number of each bar) and independent audit report will be issued periodically. Any movements in the segregated account will be updated instantly to keep high degree of transparency to clients.




Precious metals always act as contingency resources and PPS anticipate urgent and quick cashflow would be needed by unexpected occasions. PPS is able to assist clients to get short term financing if they are storing with PPS.


Bullion Wealth Management

In addition to serve for investment purpose; precious metal also the instrument for wealth management. Precious metal can be used for financial and tax planning. PPS works with professionals in taxation, insurance, finance, logistic and storage industries to provide customerize solutions to individual’s needs.