About Us

Premium Portfolio Service Co. Ltd. (“PPS”) is a precious metal provider to Individual Investors, Wealth Managers and Independent Financial Planners. PPS’s provides a platform which allows clients to acquire and manage their precious metals assets directly through PPS. Precious metals are acquired from dealer/refineries that sell London Bullion Market Association (“LBMA”) recognized brands and PPS can arrange storage on behalf of clients in protected and insured vaults in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, London, Switzerland, New York and Canada. PPS is the safest and most reliable option for precious metals owners.


PPS is a service provider for precious metals investors from purchasing/reselling of precious metals, secure storage, secure transportation, import and export clearance, wealth planning and precious metals financing. PPS does not engage in any derivatives, or trading activities, particularly not in any forms of leverage trading. All PPS’s purchases and sales of precious metals will be executed immediately in cash.

Uniqueness and Distinctive Features of PPS Services


l   PPS provide unique precious metal platform for investors as well as wealth professionals to manage their metals assets.


l   PPS clients can own high quality allocated precious metals in a cost effective and efficient manner.


l   PPS allows clients to buy/to sell physical precious metals as simply as investing in stocks or commodities futures.


l   PPS clients can store their physical metals without security risk as the private vault provided by PPS’s partners are well known international companies.


l   PPS can customize delivery arrangement for clients to transfer their physical metals from one location to another; all deliveries are full liability insured. 


l   PPS provides unparalleled transparency and security through its partnerships with internationally recognized auditing firms and approved vaulting partners.


l   PPS is not classified as regulated corporation in the OCED Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”) practice. Clients dealing with PPS will be in strict confidential.




To incorporate precious metal as part of everyone’s wealth




To develop one stop solution for acquiring, transporting and storing of precious metals for individual clients, wealth management industry and their affluent retails clients.


To provide integrated platform that allows seamless execution of orders, payments, products allocation, logistic management, secure storages and customer services.


Teaming up with professionals to support them with customized solutions to serve their quality clients.


To maintain high standard of industry code of conduct and transparency for clients using PPS services.