PPS is in strategic partnerships with worldwide bullion vaults. These vaults operators are with long history in the storage industry, some of them are full member of the LBMA and they are also being well known to the financial institutions around the world. Some of these vaults are being use by the banks to carry out physical bullion settlements. These operators provide high security safe boxes at most of the financial centers to which clients can easily access their stored assets. These operators can provide regulated reports from independent auditors as well as auditors appointed by the clients. Some of these vaults also provide online platform for clients to check on their holdings at all time as details as every bar numbers being kept at the safe box.


Clients can lease these high security safe boxes at their choice of location through PPS. PPS will file application on behalf of clients and once it is approved by the vault operator, there will be a Storage Agreement between the client and the vault operator. Clients can request PPS as their representative to liaise with the vault operator for the safe box leasing without going to the location of the safe box personally. Vault operators also provide service to deposit assets into the safe box or to release holdings from the safe box by direct instructions of the clients. PPS can customize services with the vault operators to ensure absolute convenience and absolute peace of mind of the clients.


PPS also provide storage service to clients by means of allocated arrangement. When a client purchased physical precious metal from PPS, PPS would advise the client the serial number of the bar. If the client wants to store at these high security vaults without leasing a safe box, PPS offers storage at these vaults by means of allocated services. Clients will be able to access the vault operator’s online system to check on the status of a particular bar that is being allocated to him/her.

Advantages of allocated service


1.       Reduce the cost of storage.


2.       Allocated service can be used as regular saving to purchase small amount of precious metal bullion


3.       As the precious metal bullion is stored in the close system, clients can cash their bullion with PPS.


4.       Clients can take delivery of their holdings at any time


5.       All allocated storage is in full insured coverage


6.       Privacy and strict confidential for clients’ holdings



Vault Storage at Free Trade Zone/Open Customs Warehouse


PPS can arrange storage at the Free Trade Zones/Open Customs Warehouse around the world. Clients can store their precious metal holdings with special arranged secure vault to enjoy tax-free exemption until the goods are being delivered /sold. PPS can provide full service support for tax clearance when clients are taking delivery out of the Free Trade Zones/Open Customs Warehouse. For such service, PPS provides flexible and full-service logistical support service for the importation process of any items, return of items to overseas, as well as secure storage for precious assets without a time-limit. This service is at clients’ advantage to reduce financial cost significantly. Precious metals can be stored until clients’ instruction when and where the goods to be imported and exported.


PPS can arrange world-class vaults located in tax-free zones or open customs warehouses around the world enables clients to view, inspect and show high-value assets in a secure, discreet, neutral and comfortable location.